Monday, 20 June 2011

About JYFF Solution

Our vision 
To make JYFF visible to software development. 

JYFF was a term created in a pantry talk with a few ex-colleagues on what best practices should be used in software development. It stands for "自由发挥" [creativity freedom]. We believe best practices kills creativity and stop action in software development project. 

Technology accelerates in a very fast pace especially in recent years, what is relevant now  will become no value in a year time. Hence, best practices has no ground  in software development project. 

Since then, the founder solely believe that it JYFF is the real key to any project development and management. And the key to JYFF success is simple, just think and do now. 

Who behind the scene
The founder has a 10 years of software development mainly in Microsoft technologies from VB to C#. In 2009, the founder became a J2ME developer and eventually quit to become a independent  mobile application developer.